Aaron Taylor

"Being compared to or mentioned alongside D'Angelo will naturally incite huge expectations from first-time listeners, but these are the kind of weighty comparisons being drawn against UK singer Aaron Taylor by critics and music fans." COMPLEX


It’s not wholly inaccurate to suggest that the UK is yet to produce contenders that can match the might of North America’s neo-soul stars. To date, the likes of D’Angelo have been relatively unchallenged from their UK counterparts. Aaron Taylor's music places him as a strong candidate for inclusion in the neo-soul collective. Taylor describes his musical knowledge as a result of the classroom and the church. “Growing up at home I was fully immersed into gospel music; that’s all my mother played. At around seven years I began classical guitar lessons and that’s around the same time I began to develop my ability to play by ear. It was around 10 years old that I began the piano.” Songs from his debut EP, Still Life, paved way to syncs with global ads for both Apple and Victoria’s Secret. Co-signs came in from Annie Mac, who named him in her feature New Names, as well as Mistajam (BBC Radio 1) and press has followed with write-ups praising his sound. His second EP, Better Days, further showcased the breadth of his potential and writing, touching on more social and political issues that time around. The new project, entitled The Long Way Home, boasts eight songs all produced by Taylor. Taylor states: “I wanted to create songs that make me want to take the long way home: songs to get lost in, to dance to a little longer as well as reflect my feelings on the journey of independent artistry and also how you fall in and out of love with the struggle of ‘making it’ and even music itself.”