Diamond Thug

“As flawless vocals glide over soaring guitar riffs and electronic melodies, the track has clearly been created for lazy summer evenings and dancing under festival sunsets.” - Wonderland


From a basement in Kommetjie, a small surf town on the southern tip of Africa, to stages across the world, Diamond Thug has quickly become one of South Africa’s most prominent Independent acts. Like the birth of the universe, the band converged through chance events seemingly destined by fate amongst life’s chaos. Their music floats in a space between traditionally defined genres. Described by Indie Shuffle as ‘Space-Age Folk-Rock’, the band merge elements of Alternative, Electronica and Folk, often grounded in subtle South African grooves. In April 2018, Diamond Thug released their debut album: ‘Apastron’, earning them a feature as Apple Music’s New Artist Spotlight. The 12 track album spoke to themes of cosmic proportion, presenting a beautiful journey of love and loss in the depths of space. Diamond Thug will release their second EP in May 2019, while touring their new and old material across Europe and the UK.