Freddie Long

Shingle-voiced Southerner, Freddie Long, like so many others, spent his teenage years privately writing and recording songs in his bedroom while feeding his appetite for live performance at Karaoke nights and friend’s birthdays. When his friends convinced him to start putting performances on Social Media, and subsequently he started getting incredible messages and comments from thousands of people across the world.


Taking the path of being a singer/songwriter has never been one paved with fresh roses. One that is often embarked on alone due to the intensity that comes with being so analytical of one’s heart and the world surrounding them. However, with Freddie Long’s already signature vocal ability that has a gravelled undertone to it, makes you feel like you have known this voice your whole life. Inviting you in, Freddie’s talent can sometimes embrace you for a hug and sometimes it can make you feel exactly what he is feeling. A true marker of talent, Freddie Long is the epitome of the millennial generation that is being torn from the harsh realities of the modern world whilst finding empty solace in the dark side of social media, partying and searching for something more. Coming out from the other side, what makes Freddie Long so interesting is his ability for his words to make you feel like they are being directly told to you, and that things are going to be ok. The message is that there is light even in the darkest of places waiting to help you if you reach out to it. Freddie began uploading his tracks online which quickly garnered a fiery momentum behind the singer. With fans across the world, Freddie Long is becoming the artist he was always destined to become.