Let’s Eat Grandma

"The second album from the UK duo is future-pop at its best: kaleidoscopic production and incisive lyrics that swirl into marvelous, breathtaking songs." - PITCHFORK Let's Eat Grandma will support CHVRCHES on their European Tour this Fall of 2018!


Best friends since the age of four, multi-instrumentalists Rosa and Jenny (aged 16 and 17) create imaginative and original music that crosses the worlds of experimental pop and progressive weirdness. Every now and again we need a reminder that, as a society, we really have no business condescending to adolescents, especially with art that insults their intelligence and fails to speak to the depth of their experience. I, Gemini, the debut album by teenaged English duo Let’s Eat Grandma, inadvertently nudges us to remember that we have just as much to learn from teenagers as they supposedly do from us. “Wise beyond its years,” so to speak, the album begins with the funereal beat and keyboard swells of “Deep Six Textbook,” a song that Let's Eat Grandma enshrouded in a haze of gloom.