Kerala Dust | Violet Drive Tour 2023

“Driving sounds for late nights; or maybe you’re on a road somewhere in the Western Hemisphere and a shiny new car drives past you too fast, like something out of a glossy magazine, and before you know it, it’s gone.”

Posted: 30/11/2022


Kerala Dust formed in London in 2016. Raised on the sounds of CAN, The Velvet Underground and Tom Waits while spending hazy mornings in nightclubs, the band combines these disparate influences of psychedelic rock, blues and techno into one. Their live performances are a constant conversation about the sounds coming out of the studio. Pieces are reinterpreted, looped, taken apart and put back together.

Violet Drive is very much a record inspired by their move to Berlin after their debut and the city’s complicated historyand architectural landscapes and in a break from past ways of working, the songs on Violet Drivewere built from the drums up, and this truly stunning, off-kilter percussion defines the album. Recorded in two weeks in a studio in the Alps just outside of Zurich, the thudding backbeat laid down provide the frameworkupon which the album’s lyrics and instrumentation –flashes of blues-y guitars and woozy synths, Edmund’s deliciously deep, syrupy voice –bounce off and flesh the songs out. The album will come out on February 17th 2023 and open the tour season.