Sacred Ground Festival 2022 | 1st Announcement

We are so excited to bring you into our Sacred Ground world again. To gather, to dance, to be in play, and in communion and deepening with one another. We have so much amazing music, workshops, gathering spaces, nature, and ourselves to explore.

Posted: 12/04/2022

Please welcome our first names to the 2022 line up:
➳ Âme (live)
➳ Charlie Cunningham
➳ Dixon
➳ Feathered Sun
➳ JakoJako (live)
➳ Kerala Dust
➳ KiNK (live)
➳ Mira
➳ Niklas Paschburg
➳ Ry X
➳ Sofia Kourtesis
➳ Tara Nome Doyle
It’s time to swim in it all. See you in the forest!
Much love,
Ry, Frank + the whole SGF crew