Notable moments on the album occur when Josin ups the energy, seemingly determined to fight back against the near-constant gloom of her poisonous thoughts. - The 405 'In The Blank Space' merges neo-classical arrangements with lush electronics, held together by Arabella's powerful vocal delivery. New song 'Burning (For A Fresh Start)' is online now, with Josin's beautifully introspective music matched to a Marc Neckermann-shot video that soars along the Norwegian mountaintops." "Josin is a truly international talent." - CLASH


Born in Cologne to a Korean mother and German father, both of whom are opera singers, Josin grew up in a household with music at its centre. It was while at medical school in Nice that the desire to make her own music became unavoidable. “I decided to follow the artistic path,” Josin explains. “I did my first year of medical school and this was what I wanted to do since I was a kid. Somehow I never really saw what was right in front of me the whole time – music. Maybe because my parents are musicians and it was so normal to be in an artistic surrounding. I quickly realized both music and medicine needed a 200% commitment and that was a long-time inner struggle. Music won!” Josin’s debut EP sees a dynamic blend of electronic jolts, enhanced by keyboards and haunting poetic vocals that draw on a variety of traditions, from classical to electronic. As a self-taught producer, Josin is always experimenting, incorporating the electronical world into her writing as well as composing string arrangements. There’s ultimately something quite arresting about Josin, and this debut EP marks an exciting start for a compelling new artist.