Ciaran Lavery

Ciaran Lavery creates subtle vignettes about life, love, and how we exist in the world. He's a soft-hearted realist. Lavery notes that one can be cruel and kind at the same time without meaning to be either. More importantly, he expresses this with a lyrical flair that combines sensitive insights with harsh truths told in a language that bespeaks poetry. Lavery keeps the verbiage simple, often brutally so, and sings the stanzas with a quiet intensity that suggests he has rubbed the words down to their essence. - POP MATTERS

credit: Kathrin Baumbach

He may wield an acoustic guitar and write achingly beautiful universal truths, but Ciaran Lavery doesn’t conform to the sensitive singer-songwriter archetype. In 2014, Lavery’s Kosher EP and Not Nearly Dark album went global, with the tracks ‘Shame’ and ‘Left For America’ leading the charge racking up more than 70 million listens on the Spotify streaming service and inspiring a raft of renditions from other countries. The plaudits kept coming in 2015, with the release of Sea Legs, a mini-album on which Lavery collaborated with electronica artist Ryan Vail, winning them a nomination for best album at the Northern Irish Music Prize. In 2016 his sophomore album “Let Bad In “, won the Northern Ireland music prize. Fast becoming one of Ireland’s most in demand exports, Ciaran has appeared on German radio and television, Spotify television in USA and was selected to play at Willie Nelson’s BBQ at Luck Ranch in Texas by the man himself.