Satori & The Band From Space

Satori means enlightenment and energy.


With his band,the artist has takenhis signature earthy tones, so well recognised around the world,and hascarefully adapted to a format offeringmore room for every individual piano, kora, kalimba andguitar-note to shine through.The Satorisound,definedaselectronic world music,comes alive through the hands and feet of four skilled musicians in ways never seen before, peeling off even deeperhiddenlayers. The fusion of live electronics withinstruments transformsthe liveexperience into an unstoppable dance euphoria. Part of the music they play stemsfrom Satori’s highly acclaimed debut album ‘MAKTUB’,released on the reveredCrosstown Rebelslabel. All four band members are integral tothe creation process, playing a variety of instruments on the albumwhich Satori then sculpted further to blend with his deepform of electronic sounds. The DNA of the music issodeeply embedded in theveins, flowing through these musicians so eloquently that theyseeminglylive and breathethesounds as much as Satori himself. Satori &The Band From Space is aforce to be reckoned with, an experience to immerse yourself in, an encounterto never forget.