Fink’s 7th studio album Bloom Innocent, co-produced with Flood, will be released October 25 on R’COUP’D.


Over the course of almost 20 years as a recording artist, Fink has plotted an unconventional and eclectic route through his hugely successful music career. Starting out as a DJ and producer/remixer with a day job at a major label, he released an electronic album ‘Fresh Produce’ in 2000 before switching to guitar, releasing his first album with bandmates Tim Thornton and Guy Whittaker, ‘Biscuits For Breakfast’ in 2006. Since then, Fink’s richly multi-layered studio albums have included ‘Distance And Time’ (2007), ‘Sort Of Revolution’ (2009), ‘Perfect Darkness’ (2011) ‘Hard Believer’ (2014), and 2017’s ‘Resurgam’. He has written, recorded, and produced for various multi-platinum selling artists (John Legend, Bonobo and Amy Winehouse); has been remixed by the likes of Justin Vernon, Colin Stetson, DJ Tennis and Ricardo Villalobos; and has had his music used extensively in some of the world’s most credible films and TV programs such as Better Call Saul, Selma, 12 Years a Slave, Dear John, Collateral Beauty, Mission: Impossible, Blacklist, House M.D and The Walking Dead.