Since the release of her last critically acclaimedand award winning album two years ago, LYDMOR has been touring intensely in Europe, the UK and Asia. She’s famous and even infamous for always delivering a magical cocktail of challenging visual shows and combining them with her mesmerizing conceptual electropop.


She’s an artist who never compromises and who always goes her own way. ”No matter if it was clear cut electropop or quiet songs on the grand piano, Lydmor shone in the Danish Radio Concert hall. It was grandiose and breathtaking, but at the same time human and present”Soundvenue (*****)To somepeople’s surprise, LYDMOR actually has a back catalogue of several releases, among them ’A Pile Of Empty Tapes’ released in 2012, and ’Y’ from 2015. These albums hadmore traction abroad than nationally and created a dedicated internatial fan base.In 2016, closeto giving up her dream of playing music, then 26-year old Jenny Rossander, packed her bags and travelled alone to Shanghai. The personal journey and the inspiration she gained there, became the foundation for the story, that in September 2018 manifested itself in her breakthrough album ”I told you I’d tell them our story”. Since then, it took off in earnest for LYDMOR, who in 2018-2019 toured in Asia, Russia, bigparts of Europe and the UK and finished off 2019 with another tour in Asia.In the beginning of 2021, CAPACITYis released. Acontrastful musical piece, where reality and fiction melt together in a multifacetted sound universe. It is the electronic popartist’s most personal, complex and conceptual album to date.