"Twisted future soul music, Kyan's output has been nothing short of exceptional" – CLASH


It’s fair to say 2018 was a remarkable year for Kyan, boasting a euphoric COLORS session, backing from Nile Rodgers and support from Ebro (Beats 1). ‘The kid’s a genius, I thought he was like a young Mozart’ - Nile Rodgers. 2019 promises much, as Kyan continues to release tracks from his upcoming self-written and produced visual album ‘Nothing Beyond’. Kyan delivers an atmospheric retro futuristic soul soundscape, packed full of genre bending artistry. Rebellion pulses beneath the surface of Kyan’s music, from its raw instrumentation to its experimental orchestral interludes and powerful, conscious visuals. Kyan’s productions have been described as ‘a hazy cloud of Channel Orange meets Purple Rain goodness’ (Notion Mag), from the Radiohead-esque solitude of ‘Neighbours’ and Beatles-like wonder of ‘Lonely River’ to the choral harmonies of ‘Don’t Want To Let Go’. A defiant spirit with a strong independent streak, Kyan crowdfunded to ensure full creative freedom and control over his sound. Kyan is an artist with a limitlessly expressive voice that tremors with emotion at every turn, whose brutally honest lyrics and arresting videos culminate in an immersive 360 degree cinematic piece of true audio and aesthetic artistry. Kyan is one of Britain’s most exciting and enigmatic emerging talents.