Camel Power Club

"Camel Power Club has got an infectious sound, incredibly simple but so good" - BBC 1, Phil Taggart


Camel Power Club likes to keep it quiet. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground, Léonard is the man behind these three weird words. Multi-instrumentalist and producer, he was born in France in 1990 and lives in the French Alps near the Italian border. He’s been part of the French Indie Electronic scene since 2015, touring from Mexico where he played in one of the biggest South American festivals (Tecate Pal’Norte, Monterrey) to Eastern Europe. Reminding of LCD Soundsystem or Polo & Pan, with >30 millions plays online and >500k listeners on Spotify, his universe stretches from folk to electronic surf music, with songs that anybody can relate to. Working on a new EP that will come out in Spring 2020, he’s heading for a European tour on this occasion. He’s also member of the chamber folk duo Racoon Racoon, for which he recorded 3 EP in Belgium with talented musicians from Brussels' Philharmonic orchestra Thomas Fiorini (double bass) and Emile Verstraeten (violins and mandolin) that he met while working as a set-up engineer on a soundtrack recording of Ramin Djawadi.Self-produced on his label “Bramar Records”.