Tide Lines


In the early days of 2020, Tide Lines had a clear mission with their second album, "Eye of the Storm." They aimed to transform their grassroots success into tangible recognition, with a Top 40 ranking as their goal. Charting a self-produced and self-released album was a formidable challenge, but this Glasgow-based quartet had already proven their ability to spark a phenomenon through dedicated songwriting and lively performances, expanding their fanbase both locally and globally. Following their Top 12 album's tour success in the previous summer and autumn, Tide Lines returned home and channeled their accumulated energy and momentum. They first purchased the Baptist church on Mull, which they had previously rented, converting it into a dedicated rehearsal and recording space. Subsequently, they embarked on creating their third album. Bolstered by the unexpected triumph of "Eye of the Storm," frontman Robert Robertson poured his energy, ambition, and vision into his songwriting. The outcome, "An Ocean Full of Islands," is a 12-track album that defiantly uplifts, written and recorded during challenging times. The album's lead single, "Rivers in The Light," showcases a confident and bold performance, with Robertson's resonant voice taking center stage. It underscores Tide Lines' identity as a rock band deeply connected to their geographical and cultural roots. Robertson's rich musical journey, from playing the accordion in his Highlands hometown as a young teen to performing at numerous indie gigs in Glasgow, has honed his expertise. "Rivers in the Light" boasts a melody that steadily builds to an exuberant chorus, complemented by a grand arrangement. In essence, Tide Lines know how to captivate their audience. Recording on the remote island of Mull during late winter and spring of 2022, Tide Lines harnessed the isolation to create an album with worldwide appeal. As they prepare to unveil "An Ocean Full of Islands," Tide Lines is ready to welcome everyone to join in on their musical journey.