Don’t let her nom de plume fool you, there's a method to Kira Huszar’s madness. From the outset of her 2018 debut EP, PART 1, through April’s 20 million+ streamed JOYRiDE and her latest, soft thing, LOONY has been offering listeners revelatory, neo-soul-inflected pieces of her reality. “Each song is a snapshot,” she explains. “A moving part in a bigger picture.” With soft thing, LOONY arrives flush with eight jazzy, percussive musical captures of her pandemic mindset. If JOYRiDE was sardonic, introspective and moody, soft thing is its extroverted, jaunty cousin. “I found myself reevaluating what's important to me,” Huszar says of the release’s overall tone. “Being isolated from people makes you think more about your relationships. It’s been a hard and very strange year and in a lot of ways and I've been forced to be more vulnerable than I'd ever been. soft thing is symbolic of that.”