Pip Millett

Pip Millett’s dignity and rare poise continue to garner attention across the loudest of publications alongside major support across BBC R1, 1Xtra and 6Music – underlining the sense of an extremely special artist forging her own lane.


Poised as a generational titan, anointed in an ethereal amalgamation of R&B and jazz, with traces of reggae, Pip Millett is every bit the artist of those who came before her, and demonstrated glimmers of her potential across singles such as “Drunk & Alone” and her formalised debut single “Make Me Cry” — the latter of which served as her inaugural, 2019 COLORS performance. Now at over five million views, ‘Make Me Cry’, the smokey, cathartic breakthrough, cushioned Pip Millett’s arrival, with her rich and tender runs guiding the way for audiences across both Manchester and the world at large. As a 24-year-old, Pip Millett has been relentless in the ability to relate transparency on paper and in her audio-releases, and document how she navigates the world. On her second EP Lost In June, the Northern-vocalist documents her unluckiness in love, echoing that she got “caught up” in the cascading of a romance. Both harrowing, brooding, and reflexive, Pip excels with ease, radiating maturity, despite her age, able to trace her every desire and rumination. On her latest single ‘Downright’, she continues to shed more of her skin, emphasising her vivid approach to lyrical expression across the sombre, pulsating number. Detailing the dualities of depression and lingering responsibilities that heighten tensions in turbulent pastures of mental health she shares that it’s felt good to be honest about the mind. “I think it’s so important to discuss [mental health]” she begins. “Without the honesty and truth of our situations, people around you won't be able to know what’s going on and how to help you.” The soulful number continues to position Pip Millett as a national titan, firmly part of the Gen-Z and millennial cultural zeitgeist as it pertains to self-love and overcoming generational trauma.