Jono McCleery

"Jono McCleery, English singer-songwriter, made his first album Darkest Light independently in 2008 funded by fans. His following release, There Is, was described as "Miles Davis, Massive Attack, John Martyn, Fink, and Radiohead wrapped up in one exquisitely produced album." "Jono's music is timeless. Music that is unperishable, that reflects past, present, and future in an instant." - COUNTER RECORDS


As an artist you notice a lot of bios, promotional material, and reviews flying around the place, generally saying anything to drum up interest (or not). But it never feels like it represents what my music is about. So if there's one place I can try and represent how I fit in the music world it's here: If forced to describe my own sound, I would say that I see it as something which is constantly evolving, draws inspiration from a wide range of influences, and seeks to connect emotionally. I have four albums released and have been lucky enough to collaborate and perform with some incredible musicians... and I have the letters I receive. A note to all music fans: Please never refrain from writing to an artist if you are inspired by their work. Inspiration is reciprocal. I wouldn't keep trying if it wasn't for these letters that mean so much to me. A song is complete when it reaches the right person in the right moment, and it's the thrill of connecting with people through music which inspires me. I value people's ears, different perspectives, creative responses, and uplifting stories - which come about as a result of sharing my music, more than the songs themselves. And although the internet has made it tricky for musicians to earn a living making records, it has connected us to our audiences, which in my opinion helps us better understand our art, and the impact it has. So here I am, doing my best to give my music the time and dedication it needs to reach those who enjoy it most.