Fink’s Sunday Night Blues Club

"Produced and mixed by Fink and Flood (U2, PJ Harvey, Warpaint), this side project was recorded in Greenall's Berlin studio prior to embarking on the eagerly anticipated new Fink studio album, 'Resurgam', due for release later this year." With each track being recorded fast, live, using one vintage mic, and one vintage amp, Greenall says, "Most of this record is one take, from all of the guys who helped me get there... New Orleans legend David Shirley on drums and the weird and wonderful Colin Stetson also really brought the heat to the table." - JB HIFI


Fink's Sunday Night Blues Club is Fin Greenall's new side-project – better known under his pseudonym Fink. It might be surprising that Fink would release a blues record above all else. One of his major musical influences, however, was indeed the blues: “My love of Blues has always been there, before I even knew what it was. Records by John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker and Chuck Berry really spoke to me.” While being on tour, he immersed himself in the blues, scouring record stores for long lost gems to educate and inspire himself. He wanted to create something that was raw, rough, and live, a record that just was, for its own sake. “You'd think that writing blues was easy - but it isn't ... It's easy to copy, sure, and to cover, definitely, but to write original blues that is more than just a photocopy of the past actually turned out to be equally challenging and natural... ”. The album was recorded in Fin's own Berlin-based studio using only a vintage microphone, and a vintage amp – live and raw, like it was done in years past. Sometimes it doesn't take more to get a piece of blues on record.