The Miami raised artist; a voracious listener and selector, got hooked on DJ’ing and production in his early teens and produced an array of sounds varying from Radiohead inspired melodies to Lo-Fi and Trip Hop fuelled beats.


When moving to Europe, Bakery’s live sets adapted to a steady band formation with Temple Hayes as the lead singer. Bakery as a band started growing as an underground vibe maker and playing in club venues such as Katerblau, Berghain Kantine and Sisyphus as well as offering the city of Berlin immersive experiences in Funkhaus and Lido. Fusion, Garbicz, Sacred Ground and many other festivals became steady spots to find the producer and his collaborators. Bakery is a natural collaboration between the producer, born Noah Becker and several vocalists such as Austin Paul, Alice Phoebe Lou, Duendita, Olmo and rapper Che Lingo and manifests its music on stage in several formations. As a painter, the young producer has a strong visual impulse and seeks collaborations in disciplines that transcend the musical experience alone. Bakery as a project developed closely next to the Berlin acrobats collective ‘Birdmilk’ and both projects have supported each other along its ways. Having a steady working relationship with Photographer and videographer Alexander Schneider gives Bakery a collection of strong videos as well as the versatility to create unique visual experiences such as a 2 hours concert with 360 degree visuals in the Berlin’s Gross Zeiss planetarium. Bakery is about collaborations, about hosting and about exploring the cross overs between genres, disciplines and creative experiences. The producers studio; Baketown, became a landing point for many creatives passing through the city and is a known spot in which to discover new artists and dive into collaborations.