Carson Coma

Carson Coma is Hungary’s #1 guitar-based rock band, with more than 80 million Spotify streams, and sold out concerts in the biggest venues and festivals of the country. Their new album IV, debuted last June, had a powerful impact on both the audience and critics due the album’s post-punk melodies and strong, politically conscious lyrics. The band celebrated their 5th birthday in MVM Dome in April, where more than 10,000 people enjoyed the most extraordinary and longest show in 360°.


Speaking of satire and therapy, the fifteen tracks on the new album, simply titled IV, leave the corduroy jacket-school bus beginnings far behind. The traces of wrestling with adulthood can already be detected on the previous album, but now the so-called Hungarian reality seeps into the songs in a much more ironic way. The tone is a little darker and more serious, which is a welcome nuance and adds subtle new layers of playfulness and cheerfulness. The extremely strong cohesion within the band is not only captured in the songs, but also in the live performance. They worked through the Budapest Park concert with impressive dedication, seriousness and precision: there was no side-talk, no fakery, not even unnecessary time-wasting between songs. You got the feeling that the six of them love music above all else. Playing twenty-two songs in two hours. After all, that's why they came, just as we came.